End Game for United States of America

The world power of the United States is coming to an end. We have long witnessed how the United States is a great and mighty superpower that sets the pace for the whole world. For a very long time, however, it has become clear that the United States is not world police anymore. But especially because of its selfish goals and purposes.

The U.S. Deep State has long watched in horror as Donald Trump has done his best to restore the United States to a normal state. Specific action is not to interfere too much in matters that are not of direct relevance to the United States. But from the beginning, the election of Donald Trump as president has been a huge loss to the eternal elite of the United States, which holds the state and its institutions hostage to building globalization.

Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, fakenews and deep state have done everything they can, however, without revealing their own intentions – to get Trump out of power, by any means. Because it failed in the middle of the presidency, there finally came a natural chance to get rid of Trump through the election. Basically, the mainstream fakenews have demonized Trump all along and people who consider the media biblical have also believed some of the claims. This has led to false genuine opposition to Trump, which, however, is unfounded. Joe Biden’s team hasn’t had to do much, but Trump’s demonization has done election work for them all along.

Joe Biden was chosen for this position especially because of his vast experience he had made in the face of globalization during Barack Obama’s term. Probably Joe Biden won’t live long anyway because he can accidentally slip the truths like before, so the guarantor is Kamala Harris. Both Biden and Harris are fully controllable. But where does everything lead in time? Definitely to the destruction of the United States.

Russia and China have long waited for this moment for the United States to weaken internally and drift into chaos, even into a new civil war. The theft of the election result from Trump and its aftermath could be the beginning of events through which the ability of the United States to defend itself will collapse. This is the million-dollar place and opportunity to strike the United States with nuclear weapons and so will happen. The United States disappears from the world map with its relevance and China takes the place of the United States as a new economic power and the Chinese currency becomes a new reserve currency. Russian President Vladimir Putin exists especially for this moment. Only Putin is brave enough and at the same time indifferent to his own soul that he is ready to launch missiles that will sweep several dozen if not more than one hundred million Americans off the earth permanently.

We live in interesting times, times of change.

Published by Gleb Simanov

Kansainvälisen politiikan harrastaja ja Venäjä-tuntija.

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