President Donald Trump will continue for a second term

Donald Trump clearly won the U.S. presidential election when valid votes were counted. America loves Donald Trump and his phenomenal accomplishments in politics both abroad and at homeland. Unfortunately, the U.S. deep state has always wanted to get rid of Trump because he’s not a puppet like the Clintons or Biden. The most popular of these has been the alleged Russian interference in the elections. While no evidence of Russian interference in the U.S. election has been proven to date – all sorts of allegations are tenaciously living their own lives. Trump has had a constant struggle against injustice and lies at home. Yet he has been able to achieve results that others can only dream of. The most significant of these are e.g. Trump-brokered peace agreements between Israel and the Arab world, a reduction in the military presence in Europe and the Middle East, and normal relations with Russia.

Rigged elections and fake ballots

The U.S. presidential election of 2020 was a sad spectacle of outrageous usurpation of power and contempt for democracy. The American deep state elite wants power back to itself and Joe Sleepy Biden, one foot in the grave, is well suited for that purpose.

The presidential election was full of violations. Election observers were not allowed to check the legality of the count, there were an exceptional number of voters over the age of 120, and all of them voted for Biden. Trump’s ballots have since been found in the field, rubbish baskets and where else, but not in the ballot box.

Twitter sensuroi videota, jossa poltetaan muovikassillinen Trumpille kuuluvia ääniä.

Originally tweeted by Janne Lehtinen (@JanneLeht) on 04.11.2020 @ 22:26:09.

Ballots taken from mailboxes in Arizona found by farm worker, officials say

Originally tweeted by Celine D. Ryan 💀 (@celinedryan) on 05.11.2020 @ 4:49:27.

The U.S. presidential election was therefore completely dishonest. The winner of the election is Donald Trump. Now we must all pray and support Trump in the fight against electoral fraud. I send a message to Trump himself: Don’t give up power in January! Put the people who committed the election fraud in jail and expose the plot to usurp the United States. God bless America!

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