Why I’m living?

Most of us just live everyday without thinking too much for what is their meaning for themselves or to the world or even to G-d. I consider myself as believer in Jesus Christ and I see my meaning in life as G-d’s portray what He has for me here. Most of people probably think that their goal in life is to be as rich as possible and successful person in career. After all death is waiting for all of us and in that moment that Rolls-Royce or excellent career becomes meaningless. When you are dying your thoughts wander around room where you are and you are thinking – why I wasted my life for so many useless things and at the same time I didn’t do many useful things. Probably we will have judgment in Heaven about how we did use our time and how we lived our life. Everyone of us are responsible by ourselves of Our’s doings. You can’t blame anyone. It’s you and only you front of G-d. Good night everyone!

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